Support Ukraine

The World is in Crisis and even the smallest act can make a difference.

     This design features a blue hexagon to represent the Ukrainian blue skies followed by a yellow hexagon to represent the county's wheat fields. Finally at the bottom is a sunflower, the country's national flower and symbol of solidarity during these difficult times.  

     When you purchase the Support Ukraine Max Earrings, 100% of the profits received will be donated to Heart to Heart International's Conflict in Ukraine - Humanitarian Response. Once the inventory has been sold, a one time donation with ALL profits from this style will be sent to this fund. 


ukraine earrings with sunflower 


For information on the reliability and trustworthiness of Heart to Heart International please visit:

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For more information on Heart to Hearts response in Ukraine please visit:

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If you would like to donate to the fund without an earring purchase or would like to donate a larger amount, please use this link to be directed to Heart to Heart International's specific fund for Ukraine: