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1. What materials are used?

We use Kato Polymer Clay, Kato Liquid Clay, Surgical Steel metal posts/hooks, stainless steel jump rings (Max Earrings), and sterling silver wire (Eleanor Hoop Earrings).


2. What metal is used for earrings posts/hooks and nuts?

All earring posts and nuts (with the exception of the Eleanor nut, this is plastic) are surgical steel. Our Surgical steel is purchased from the United Kingdom. They have very strict rules under UK REACH regulations to ensure jewelry metal is free from the harmful chemicals that are commonly found in most other jewelry products. This metal is free from Cadmium and its compounds, Nickel, and Lead and its compounds to name a few. This makes our surgical steel posts/hooks suitable for sensitive ears. We take great measures to guarantee our metal is clean! (pictured below) 

For more information about UK REACH and the chemicals that are excluded visit: https://www.hse.gov.uk/reach/about.htm


3. How are the earring posts attached to the Mini Max Studs and Max Earrings?

Earrings posts are sandwiched between the earring face and a thin piece of clay placed over the back. Kato Liquid Polymer Clay is used to bond the two pieces of clay together and secure the earring post between the two. This creates a nice clean look. It also eliminates the fuse of glue or resin. (see picture below)


4. How soon should I expect my earrings to ship?

Orders will be packaged and shipped within 5 business days from the order purchase date. 


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