What's in your metal?

At Clay & Spice we value keeping our bodies clean and this means making sure the things we put on our body are clean as well.

Our EARRING POSTS & BACKS are surgical steel that is SOURCED from the United Kingdom.

The UK has strict laws about what their jewelry metal can contain, UNLIKE the U.S.A.

When jewelry is listed as 'Hypoallergenic', this simply means that the metal has ’less’ nickel. 

Nickel can create an allergic reaction called CONTACT DERMATITIS in susceptible people.

The USA currently does not have any regulations regarding labeling items as ‘hypoallergenic’.

Even if you think you are purchasing jewelry that claims to be hypoallergenic, it may still contain nickel.

We take time to ensure our Posts & Backs are 100% Nickel Free

They are also FREE from: Cadmium & Lead 



UK REACH regulations SAY: the use of HAZARDOUS CHEMICALS are restricted when it comes to jewelry worn on the skin.

NICKEL, LEAD, and CADMIUM are among the commonly used chemicals in metals that UK REACH regulations restrict the use of. UK REACH Regulations Overview



used in children’s jewelry and body piercings to make the coating of jewelry SHINY and ADD WEIGHT and mass.

It is a VERY TOXIC heavy metal and suspected carcinogen. 


often used in jewelry to BRIGHTEN colors, ADD WEIGHT to the item, and/or to SOFTEN PLASTIC. It can be VERY DANGEROUS, even deadly when used in jewelry .

High levels have been found in jewelry, specifically inexpensive children’s jewelry. 

  • If exposed, lead accumulates in the body and can lead to behavioral problems, learning disabilities, joint and muscle weakness, anemia, organ failure and death.



used as BASE METAL which receives gold or silver plating. It is also MIXED with other metals TO MAKE WHITE GOLD.

  • IF the plating wears off unexposed nickel can create an allergic reaction called CONTACT DERMITITAS in susceptible people. Nickel




A LOT of the METAL we come in contact with on a daily basis may/does CONTAIN HARMFUL CHEMICALS

  • Ask where the metal in your jewelry is sourced from and what laws that country has regarding metal

Our Earring Posts and Backs are imported from the UK to ensure HIGH QUALITY STANDARDS (FREE from Lead, Cadmium, & Nickel)

UK REACH has an extensive list of chemicals that are NOT allowed to be PRESENT in JEWELRY METAL that is in close contact with your skin for long periods of time.

Chemicals Not Allowed in Jewelry Metal