About Us

Simple - Elegant - Clean

Welcome to Clay & Spice - where you can find the perfect handcrafted earrings for you or someone special. 


    Our Mission is to bring you stylish yet timeless pieces that will not irritate your skin. 


     Creating and fixing jewelry has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. When COVID first hit I turned to polymer clay earring making as a way to pass time while the company I was working for had put me on furlough. I had dreams of starting my own earring business but was scared. 


     A little over a year later I had more work experience and lost my best friend. He was a 25 pound Bichon who lived a long happy 14 years. After that I wasn’t scared anymore and decided to launch this company with my first earring style named in his honor.


     It has been a struggle for me to find stylish and trendy earrings that won't irritate my sensitive ears. Earrings either make my ears itchy or my ears and earring posts tarnish and turn green. Gross! My goal with Clay & Spice is to make sure we use metal that will not tarnish or irritate sensitive ears so that women like me can be fashionable and COMFORTABLE.


- Madison & Max


                                 Max the DogEleanor the Cat